Business Guru Reviews

Real Gurus vs. Fake Gurus

Following a fake guru or even the wrong guru can cost you tens of thousands of dollars (I know from experience) and/or months or even years of emotional pain and damaged relationships, personal, social and business.

But finding the gurus that are right for you, could help you earn tens of thousands, potentially even millions of dollars.
Or help you find happiness (not to get all soft on you here), contentment, the ability to love yourself, enhance your relationships and even find your ideal life mate.
In other words, the right guru can accelerate your business, personal & social success -- this I also know from personal experience.

The purpose of this section of Stop Fakes is to help you separate the real gurus from the fakes.

So what is a guru?

  • A guru is a teacher, a guide or a mentor.

  • The word "guru" is Sanskrit "gu" meaning darkness & "ru" meaning light. A "guru" therefore is one who leads his or her students from darkness to light.

    Gurus by Subject

    One guru can not meet all your needs in life, especially as every sector of modern life becomes more & more stratified & "niche".
    So I divide the gurus I meet & talk to into the same three categories I divide life into: money gurus, relationship gurus & health gurus.

    Money Gurus

    I'm going to start with the money category. Money Gurus specialized in several distinct areas including 1) careers, jobs and running your own business/being self-employed; 2) cost savings & getting the most value from your dollars; & 3) investments including stocks, real estate and others.

    Running Your Own Business (& MARKETING)

    Let's start by discussing my current favorite business & marketing guru, who I have had a business relationship with for about 7 years (since 2002), and who I personally met last year, 2008.