Who is Eben Pagan?

( Guru Home Study Course Bonus -- 1 left)

Eben Pagan is one of my favorite teachers.

I can count my most important teachers on 1 hand, and still have at least a finger left over.

Eben Pagan is one of them and has been for about 5 years, since about the end of 2003. What's amazing about that is I had not met him in real life until last January, 2007.

I think I can sum up in 2 reasons why he has been so important in my personal self-development.
1) He is an extremely generous teacher and businessman.
2) He is on a continual journey of self-improvement, constantly seeking enlightenment.

In conjunction with No. 1 above, that makes him an incredible teacher*.

Obviously, he is a very smart man, and that combined with the traits above has made him very wealthy and importantly, he has helped make many other people wealthy.

I bought the Get Altitude home study course last year: 15 DVDs plus 12 weeks of teleseminar's plus bonuses both unadvertised (many additional teleseminar's with marketing & business gurus) and advertised (Print Persuasion Master Class 6-CD set, & the Million Dollar Marketing Makeover 1-day seminar, which he spun off into the 4 DVD series Modern Marketing Master Class).
At $1500, this was easily one of the best investments I have ever made, easily worth several times more than the $100,000 education & bachelor's degree in business entrepreneurship I received at a major 4-year university. For the first time in my life, I am at a run rate to net 6 figures in a year.

Economy is down... of course I hope it turned around (go economy!), but I have no fear, I now make my own opportunities, and every week I'm working to further improve my income.
Economy, schmee-conomy. Economic downturns provide excellent opportunities as the weaker (dinosaur!) companies are thinned from the herd, and the more adaptable companies that know how to make real, powerful connections with customers over the Internet move into those abandoned, wide-open niches.

With what I have learned in the past year, a great deal of it from Eben, I have enormous faith in myself, in my ability to build a very nice lifestyle for my family, including less time network & more time hanging out with my kids.

*Quick side note on the subject of teaching, he even dives into such subjects as "advanced learning and teaching techniques", which is a 5 day seminar he and Wyatt Woodsmall are giving next week. I just got the logistics details last night, and learned that the seminars will start at 9 AM every day and not end before 8 PM, very likely running late some days!

Jesus... to be honest with you, I am OVERWHELMED & EXCITED just thinking about it.
[I will be investing in some energy drinks. ;) ]