Eben Pagan's Get Altitude Review

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Who is Eben Pagan?


  • YOU have a small-business that is operating below its potential...
  • YOUR true personal & business potential is BEYOND what you're currently producing...
  • You did very well as an overperforming, exceptional employee -- a star player -- (and/or an outstanding student) before embarking on your own business...
  • Maybe you're doing all right on your own, but you're struggling to make your business what you know it could be...

  • There are different issues:

    • Some (OK, maybe a little more than some, in my own business) prospects and customers don't seem to instantly get the true value of what you offer; it's obvious to you and to a few customers prospects, but the benefits of your product that were so immediately obvious to you don't seem to immediately CONNECT with many of your prospects -- for reasons you will soon understand better .
    • Your old motivation, time management, minimizing distractions and staying focused on the real priorities, not just the priorities you WANT to do in the moment.
    • Finding, keeping and maximizing the value of good people, of stars.
    • Creating infrastructure (your employees and systems) that allows the business to function without you so you can achieve balance between work & vacation.

    So how do I know all this?
    1 year ago, in November of 2007, I was in your shoes.

    I actually had 2 businesses, both of which I was struggling with. Both had potential to provide good livings, easily into low-to mid-six figures.

    But both were now (then, a year ago) worth less than the price I had paid for them.

    I had come from corporate jobs where I was a young rising star, only to hit this new world of entrepreneurship and fall and stumble and... (let's call a spade a spade)... FAIL.

    I had not only failed to create value, I didn't even maintain the value that was inherently in my businesses.

    I left the corporate world early because I wasn't a good fit, too creative, too ambitious to be constrained by the bureaucracy of a multibillion-dollar international company.

    Oh yeah, and I had done some serious carpal tunnel damage to my hands before I left the corporate world; so I felt like damaged goods, couldn't use a keyboard and mouse very long or very well anymore without rapidly feeling pain and beginning to lose strength.

    With such a handicap, I believed it would be extremely difficult to get a new job, even if I had desperately needed.
    2 businesses failing... couldn't return to the corporate world as an employee... I felt like a failure.

    But I had a family to provide for, 2 little kids, and the beautiful woman who gave birth to those two children and took good care of us.

    I had graduated from one of the best business schools in the country magnet cum laude or summa cum laude with the business degree emphasizing entrepreneurship.
    (I even had a 4.0 grade point average one year -- before joining a fraternity... but that's a story for another time).

    Why was I struggling so much?
    Where could I get answers?

    My hundred thousand dollar + fancy business degree emphasizing entrepreneurship didn't prepare me for the real world.

    I had founded teacher back in late 2001 or early 2002 who went by the pen name David Deangelo. Before I encountered him, I had actually been heading down a dark path, where I treated people as lower than myself and didn't like myself as much.

    Even though I never met him, what he taught countered some of the negativity I was getting from other so-called "teachers" and I was able to correct my pack back to where I can build myself and other people up instead of tearing them down.

    Fast forward to November 2007. "David Deangelo" had recently launched a business class under his real name, Eben Pagan. $10,000 to attend a five-day seminar. If I had not been struggling in my businesses, I knew it would easily be worth the money and I would have attended.

    How did I know that?

  • Was it because he had built a business from zero to $20 million in annual revenue in only six years?
  • Was it because he had a way of communicating both under his pen name and real name that immediately told you this guy knows what he's talking about (CREDIBILITY), and is sincere in providing value to me ?
  • Was it because after following him for 5 years I knew him to be a man of honor and a good man.
  • Yes, those things of course factored in.
    But I think the most important factor... was that he always overdelivered. He promised X. But he would give X+Y.
    One time out of the blue he sent me a DVD at no charge, "just because", without even telling me was going to do so. It was a DVD that he sold for more money than the cost of the monthly subscription I had to his interview series.
    And the value of that monthly interview series was easily worth more than ten times the money I spent on it, in improving my life.

    That live, 5 day training he provided, was able to pay itself back to some of the attendees before the seminar was even over...

    ... obviously he understood techniques & mindsets to add huge leverage to people businesses.

    When he turned it into a DVD home study course, I knew I had to get.
    And I'm glad I did. It has been the most valuable education of my life.

    He understands leverage points, both in your personal productivity and in your business (of course the two are very into related).

    He understands human nature and how it often gets in our own way. But the advantage that can give to you when you learn what he has to teach are immense, because human nature will hold your competitors back; they won't even understand what you're doing, even though they can see it for themselves in your marketing.

    Your competitor's human nature will blind him to the techniques you are using -- you will market, sell & learn "under the radar" of your competitors.